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've heard so far most recently are allegations from edward snowden stolen documents. they're just allegations at this point. and a lot have turned out not to be true. nsa does not spy on americans without a warrant. the only grounds for spying on americans is a warrant on grounds you're working for foreign intelligence or foreign terrorists. no other grounds. period, end of story. google collects information on all of us. i don't know how one could use the internet without using google. i worked with nsa working some of the most sensitive projects in the u.s. government. i guarantee google knows more about me than the nsa does. >> your point is nsa is not on a fishing expedition with this gathering of data. they have a warrant. about what about that rohit? >> well, these are allegations, so, you know not sure what's true or not true. if what is being said is true -- >> yeah assuming that it is. they have a warrant. they have a specific reason and specific information they're looking for. >> well there's a difference between a warrant and going to a court and aski
question. this relates to edward snowden and being a contractor for the government. 17% of your employees have some kind of security clearance. >> that's correct. >> that's correct? okay. so what is the lesson of edward snowden in terms of being able to track your employees to make sure there's not more like that if that's -- i mean, there's some people who think he's a hero. i don't want to suggest anything. but given your role as a government contractor of trying to avoid that. and how do you think the government's going to change its relationship with contractors as a result? >> well, a lot of questions there. let me start with this premise. i got my first security clearance when i was 18 years old. i had joined the military, i was in military intelligence. and as a result of that, i signed a document that said i would not disclose the items that i came about. somebody chose -- mr. snowden chose to disclose that and as a consequence, we're in the dialogue that we are in today. our -- the government has been buying services from the private industry since the first world war. there's mi
in the wake of weeks by former nsa contractor edward snowden. >>> a number of comments about janet yellen starting to come from the senate. richard shelby says he would oppose efforts to block her nomination with a filibuster unless some disturbing disclosure emerge. his comments come after senator rand paul said he instead to withhold her nomination. and senator lindsay graham has vowed an effort to block white house nominees until the obama administration comes forward with more information about benghazi. shelby's comments are important because democrats would need to pick up only five republicans vote to clear procedural hurdles and bring yellen's nomination to a full senate vote. yellen's nomination needs only a simple majority. joining us this morning from washington is eamon afterers. this is getting back to some tense times in the senate when it comes to these nominations. we thought we had averted these issues. >> mccain threatening to pu put a whole here on janet yellen in the united states. they wanted to see more of these documents related to ben fwazzy. they wanted to see the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3